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AlzRisk Paper Detail

Reference: Xu, 2011
Cohort: Study of Dementia in Swedish Twins
Risk Factor: Obesity

Exposure Detail
The investigators obtained self-reported height and weight measurements. BMI was computed by dividing the participants' weight in kg by height in meters squared.

Ethnicity Detail
The data came from the Swedish Twin Registry. No other information on ethnicity or race was reported.

Screening and Diagnosis Detail
Screening Method:
BDRSBlessed Dementia Rating Scale
TELETelephone assessment of dementia

AD Diagnosis:
CERAD Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease (Morris 1989)
DSM IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV
MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination (Folstein 1975)
NINCDS ADRDA National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Diseases and Stroke/Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association Criteria (McKhann 1984)

Covariates & Analysis Detail
Analysis Type:
Logistic regression

The analysis was conducted using generalized estimating equations (GEE)to control for clustering within each pair of twins and a logit function.

AD Covariates:

TD Covariates: